Bedford & North 9th

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There used to be a Go Go lounge on the corner of Bedford Avenue. When I was little I didn’t understand why the windows were all painted black. Later, I was embarrassed that on my block where my pious grandmother, wife of an Orthodox priest, lived there should be such an obvious display of debauchery. And yet for years we co-existed in the same small space. We had to walk by on our way to school or a pizza, and I imagined sometime in the dark hours when I was not allowed to go out beings would slither to the mysterious blackness down the block.

In 1975, my parents and I moved to Bedford Avenue into the three-story, two-family house my grandfather bought the  for $75,000. (recently the house next door to it was purchased by NY1 anchor, Pat Kiernan, for $2 million just to give you a sense of inflationary price points.)  The house itself was on a block of largely tenement housing from the turn of the century when immigrants flocked from across Europe to fill the demands of Williamsburg’s new shipping and manufacturing industries. By the time my grandfather decided to buy it, the house was probably 75-80 years old and in need of major repairs. I remember project after project when I was little from digging out the dirt in the basement to cementing the tiny backyard to putting up new kitchen cabinets. Many Ukrainians like my grandparents who came after the war had settled in the neighborhood creating a Ukrainian space.

The space though existed with shadiness, that Go Go Lounge one of the many examples.

Today in that Go Go Lounge’s space – a restaurant called Trix in homage to that long ago place. The difference: Trix is child-friendly!

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